We went to Ferry Beach again today. It was a miracle that we actually made it because Lucky started his happy screech as soon as he thought he had a clue where we were headed. Sometimes when he does that we end up driving right by and not stopping. I’m not sure, but I think the idea is to try to teach him not to do that screeching. It doesn’t work. 

It was nice there today. Maybe a little warm for us but we didn’t mind. We walked longer than last week. I can tell that it is more challenging for Pat to walk on the rocks than it used to be…something about her feet…so I stick really close to her now in case she needs me. Lucky doesn’t, although he was pretty good for almost the whole walk and then he caught sight of a butterfly in someone’s yard. After that, Pat and I did not exist for him anymore and Pat had to leash him. He’s a nut but he’s my brother.