February 25, 2016

Lucky and I had given up on getting a walk today. We had been to town with Pat to do errands but it was raining so we just sat in the car. That is fun, too. We enjoy people watching, especially if they have dogs with them. But then, a couple of hours later, after we were all settled at home, we got a big surprise. Another ride and this time to Laite Beach. The sun was out and the air was warm and we ran and ran. In some of the pictures we have on muzzles. That’s because if there are any small dogs around, sometimes we think they are squeaky toys and we(mostly me, but Lucky does it, too, if I do it) nip their butts so they will squeak and run and we can chase them.So anywhere we go that there is a chance of running into small dogs, and we are off leash we have to wear those dumb things. They are big and loose and don’t hurt but Lucky and I both hate them.Maybe some day, we won’t tease small dogs anymore. We love the beach, muzzles or no muzzles.

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