Ellery Adams (aka Jennifer Stanley & J. B. Stanley) writes the Books by the Bay Mystery Series which features Olivia Limoges and her Standard Poodle (Captain Haviland), and a writers club… all of whom solve crimes!

In the Melanie Travis series of murder mysteries, the primary protagonist is a school teacher, Melanie Travis, who owns and shows several full size pedigree Standard Poodles. All of her (mis)adventures involve the dog show circuit in varying degrees, providing an entertaining view into the world of raising and showing dogs.

  1. A Pedigree To Die For. 1995
  2. Underdog. 1996
  3. Dog Eat Dog. 1996
  4. Hair Of The Dog. 1997
  5. Watchdog. 1998
  6. Hush Puppy. 1999
  7. Unleashed. 2000
  8. Once Bitten. 2001
  9. Hot Dog. 2002
  10. Best In Show. 2003
  11. Jingle Bell Bark. 2004
  12. Raining Cats & Dogs. 2005
  13. Chow Down. 2006
  14. Hounded To Death. 2007
  15. Doggie Day Care Murder. 2008

The Dog Watcher [Kindle Edition]

The Dog Watcher

The Dog Watcher

Smith Stoner

Smith Stoner (Author), Lonnie Rosenberg (Illustrator)

THE DOG WATCHER tells the stories of: Kona, the rescued greyhound, Spar, the Newfoundland, Billy, the pound puppy, Gray Poopon, the standard poodle, Jewel, the Jack Russell, Clooney, the Afghan Hound, Mike and Ike, the twin Pomeranians, Jasper, the Airedale, Tika, the Great Dane, Maverick, the German Shepherd, Chukchi, the Husky and Roger, the black retriever who is a seeing eye dog. Their stories are interwoven by Rigel and other characters who appear throughout the book.

Tony & The Poodle In Patriot Park [Kindle Edition]

Donna Clementoni (Author)

Tony, the 9 1/2 lb Italian Greyhound who was introduced in his first book, Tony, Tony, Tony!, meets a Standard Poodle named Contrary Mary as he takes a walk in Patriot Park with his mother. Contrary Mary is as snobbish as she is beautiful and at first she ignores little Tony, and then snaps at him! Contrary Mary's mother invites several other dogs to a PAWS PLAYGROUP to teach Mary the lesson that physical beauty is not the only thing that makes us special!

Finding Agate: An Epic Story of a Poodle's Heart and His Will to Survive [Paperback]

Rose Hannon (Author)

An Epic Story of a Poodle's Heart and His Will to Survive. A wonderful "human" story as it can only be seen through a dog's eyes. Together and apart, man and dog face betrayal, lost love, and hardship. Only through deep devotion and perseverance do the windows open to each of their hearts, allowing them the strength to endure and face the future unknowns.

Fifty Acres and a Poodle: A Story of Love, Livestock, and Finding Myself on a Farm [Kindle Edition]

Travels with Charley in Search of America [Kindle Edition]