Feb 10, 2014

I am sorry I haven’t been able to write in my journal for sooo long…almost 3 months, but it’s not my fault. Blame Pat and the weather. It’s been snowy and icy and freezing cold and Pat has been going through some medical stuff. But she tells us the medical stuff is just about over and spring will be here soon, so I should be back to my normal writing schedule soon. I’m glad.

Friday was my baby brother Lucky’s 2nd birthday and the best part was when we went to the beach, or was it when I stole his birthday dodo bird toy…I liked both a lot. at first I was jealous when Pat sang happy birthday to him Friday morning but as the day progressed, I realized I was going to make out pretty well, too, so I got over it. And he thinks he’s my best buddy, so I didn’t want to hurt his feelings after all. I think we had a pretty good day. The pictures are from Laite Beach.

PS. I ate angel’s wings at the beach…look for them growing soon, ok?