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It was September 2000, the country was in chaos, and Arlene Mills, owner/breeder of Crabapple Downs Poodle Kennel,  decided she needed to gather friends around her, so she opened her home to the people she’d been talking to on an Internet Poodle List.  This group has grown from year to year, until they have become family, not only to Arlene, but to each other.



In 1999, one of our email family had a middle of the night emergency, and was short of money. At that point, we knocked around a lot of ideas on how we could help each other in any future emergencies, and the Emergency Fund was established.  It’s there for any person in our two groups (PPNH and Poodle Mountain) with an emergency.  The only rule is no one can borrow twice unless the first loan has been paid back in full.


We are two groups:  PPNH and Poodle Mountain, and anyone is welcome to join either or both.  PPNH is not so much chat and volume as Poodle Mountain.  Both lists can borrow from the Emergency fund.


As an Amazon Affiliate, a link is up on the site(top of this page), that will take you to Amazon.  Everytime you go to Amazon via the link and buy something, a small percentage of that sale will be deposited directly into the Fund Bank Account……a painless, easy (and generous) way to build up the fund without  having to collect in an emergency.

All our members and their poodles thank you very much for using it as often as possible.

To join either group:

PPNH: https://groups.google.com/group/ppnh/about?hl=en

POODLE MOUNTAIN: https://groups.google.com/group/poodle-mtn/about?hl=en

To find out more about Crabapple Poodles:http://crabapplepoodles.com/